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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this is the action 7 sunday morning news. in the news this sunday morning, april 29th. the doyle drive le demolition project is on track. new this morning, a bus trip to japan's disneyland takes a deadly turn. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. let's start off with a first look at the weather. here's lisa argent. >> welcome back, we're looking at temperatures this morning comfortable, in the 50s under clear skies. 54 in oakland, 35 in fremont, antioch, 66, we're on our way to a nice, sunny afternoon but coastal clouds will keep our coast gray at times with patchy clouds. temperatures again near 80
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inland. a look at the rest of the week coming up. >> thank you. we want to go right now -- we were talking about the doyle drive demolition project and how it will effect you getting in and out of the city. let's check in with our traffic reporter. >> good morning, everyone. here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge, traffic is light but yesterday it turned out the jams and delays weren't as big as expected. it was better than normal in -- during some times of the commute. golden gate bridge no trouble. richmond, san rafael to the bay bridge delay-free at this point. the detours, traffic flowing well on 101, 580 and 80 to the bay bridge. keep in mind there's a giants game today at 10:5 so things will back up on the bay bridge. you may want to consider the main detour, which is park
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presidio boulevard to 19th avenue and over to california or gary to get to downtown san francisco. and you can help decide which alternate route to take by downloading our app at >> so far so good. dozens of asphalt trucks will start laying down the roadway. the doyle project has been moving at a fever pitch since it began friday night. abc7 news reporter tomas reports from the demolition zone. >> each section of doyle drive is taking workers about a half hour to demolish. the roadway to the golden gate bridge was weakened by the quake and in hours will be history. that's why paul glennen, is here recording the activity with his ipad. >> for posterity for my
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grandkids. i work here and live just up the street. i want to see what the noise is about. >> many are here to watch the sections fall to the ground after being pounded to pieces. the look on this girl's face is a feeling shared by many. the remains of the roadway look like the skeleton of a friday historic creature. heavy equipment looks like crab. >> it's astounding, this is history in the making and i wonder what it will look like when it's done. >> we're trying to figure out which piece is going to connect to what. >> this is animation of what the new temporary roadway will look like. monday, marin commuters will pass through this tunnel in crissy field and on to the paved roadway that replaces the old doy drive. dave pang is construction manager. >> we're looking good for monday. >> he says this type of work has
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never been done before. the demolition is taking place in six areas simultaneously. asphalt is down on the lumbard approach and a concrete died almost complete. concrete and steel will be recycled. so far project managers say there haven't been any real hitches. ferry service will be expanded again today as the doyle drive demolition continues. right now there are double the number of ferries between marin county and the city. the last ferry to leave san francisco today will be 8:40. the most popular, the route to the at&t park for the giants game but it's sold out. if you must drive across the golden gate, take park presidio boulevard. some drivers on marina beautiful through crissy field yesterday got stuck in traffic. >> i've been sitting here 10
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minutes. it looks like another 10, 15 minutes to get a block. >> we just came here to see it. nothing. >> i saw it on the news but we forgot. >> this is slow. you have to bring a lot of patience and stuff. i knew this was going to be like this. >> well, many are heeding the warning and paying attention. they're avoiding the situation all together. cal tran reports a 50% are drop in yesterday's southbound traffic coming into the city from marin county. abc7 news will have updates on the progress and the detours until all the work is finished. you can get an instant notice when the road reopens via twitter, facebook and text alert. >> our exclusively ways app can help you navigate around it all. a massive general strike planned for tuesday may not include an attempt to shut down the golden gate bridge after all. the san jose mercury news
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reports occupy members, union workers and labor supporters agreed to keep off the bridge during the mayday protest but the massive general strike is expected to hit the port of oakland, a show of unity between union and nonunion members. police released the names and pictures of suspects in a stabbing death that led to a nine hour standoff. jonathan bess, his brother, brian james bess, both transyes, it is, are wanted for murder and they are at large. on friday, a 51-year-old man was found outside this house on cleveland avenue. he later died from his injuries. in japan this morning, a bus carrying dozens of vacationers to tokyo disneyland crashed, killing seven passengers. the other 38 passengers and
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43-year-old driver were injured. it happened on a highway north of tokyo. the bus crashed into a roadside wall. authorities say the passengers are believed to be japanese nationals. mostly young adults. the cause of that accident is under investigation. another yacht race disaster. three crew members of a sailboat called aegean or dead. a fourth missing off the coast of mexico. that boat was part of the new port to ins nata international yacht race. the coast guard is searching for the missing crew area. the bay area yachting community came together to remember one of the victims. he will more morrissey was a visiting scientist from ireland. a memorial service was held for him at st. mary magdalene church in berkeley. he's been in the u.s. nine months working on energy
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reduction in buildings. >> he was extremely talented and promising scientist. >> morrissey is one of five crew members to died when waves over took their boat. funeral services will be next weekend for ban boatwright to represented contra costa. he died friday at age 82. he was a moderate democrat elected to the state assembly in 1972 and the state senate in 1980. his proudest achievement was making california the first state in the nation to require protocols for dealing with sudden infant death syndrome. funeral services log saturday morning in martinez. still ahead, why the state's lottery computers are down and when you might be able to buy a
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>> the family of a missing morgan hill triag teenager incrd reward from 10,000 to 25 how does. sierra lamar disne disappeared march 16. the police searched the area around her home yesterday. investigators are treating sierra's disappearance as an abduction. a huge crowd jammed into san francisco civic center plaza talking about senior healthcare, focusing on a bill in the state
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legislature offering better care for california's aging population. >> if it doesn't go through costs will rise for the state of course, if our clients have to go into nursing homes. what is going to happen also is their dignity will be lost, their ability to stay in their home and live out their life with a care provider. >> statewide some 400,000 seniors and people with disabilities count on a support service program to live independently in their homes. the state lottery computer system is down statewide for scheduled maintenance. if all goes as planned players will be able to buy tickets at 11:00 this morning. the terminals shut down at 10:00 last night stopping all ticket sales statewide overnight. all 21,000 retailers are expected to be back up and running again in just a few hours. we'll keep you updated on the
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maintenance work today. lisa argent is here talking weather. >> we have a nice typical forecast for you. you should like it. we've got a range from 60's at the coast to 80 inland. the onshore flow will bring some changes this afternoon and more for the week ahead, which begins in may. >> thank you. powerful weather elsewhere. storm blows away a tent in st. louis, killing one man and leaving dozens of baseball fans injured.
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>> welcome back, time right now is 5:16. thank you for waking up and watching the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. very little traffic there. of course it is early in the morning but perhaps everyone has gotten the notice. hey, there's a demolition work on the doyle drive. investigator will be back at it today in st. louis looking into the collapse of a beer tent that killed one person. that tent was filled with 200 st. louis cardinals fans.
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it happened yesterday during a storm outside a bar near the stadium. 50 miles an hour winds lifted the tent up about 100 feet in the air, shattering its aluminum frame. lightning struck around the same time. one person died, 17 others have been hospitalized. about 100 people were treated for scrapes and bruises at the scene. firefighters could not confirm what caused the fatality but the pub owner says it was the lightning strike, not flying debris, that killed him. was that like a freak storm that blew up there? >> the midwest has been having chilly weather and they had no winter at all, so now it looks like we'll see colder air from the north and warmer air from the south. the dangerous storms ignite with a possibility of tornadoes of course this time of year. we're looking at calmer weather. in fact, nice for opening day on the bay today. the sun officially up at 6:16.
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7:59, and we're looking at coastal clouds around salinas and monterey. visibility at half moon bay is at about -- less than a mile. be careful. this looks pretty good with that fog not entering the bay. we've got a northerly gradient so we should keep the bay clear through much of the day though we'll look at the fog along the shoreline keeping it cooler at the coast. 50 half moon bay, 54 in oakland, redwood city. so the atmosphere is retaining the heat so anywhere from a degree to 8 degrees warmer near antioch so a nice afternoon again. enjoy it if you like warmer numbers because cooler air is on the way for next week. we may even see showers. a little bit of patchy fog at the coast. mainly south of san francisco,
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salinas, watsonville but warmer right on the bay for opening day and cooler conditions begin really as soon as next week. our ridge begins to get knocked down a little bit and we'll look for more coastal clouds and a stronger onshore flow. our water vapor, the storm track is pushing the -- the high pressure pushing the storm track to the north so we're looking at fair weather, a nice afternoon today. should be a nice day. 80 yesterday in is sonoma. antioch, brentwood, livermore and statewide temperatures climbing through the 70's around yosemite. nice here, this fog will be clearing out through the part of our coast today. but it will be breezy and the days ahead will feature more cloud cover and a cooler coast. upper 70s today in cooper
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tina. 77 santa clara, a degree or two warmer. 73 san mateo. 59 in pacifica and 76 in mountain view. france, clouds along the coast and 67 later this afternoon. got the giants game, looks pretty good. breezy in the afternoon towards the coast. 79 in sonoma. 75 union city and inland, 80 in danville, 82 in livermore, so nice afternoon with 76 in watsonville and cool and breezy around monterey at 64. the seven-day forecast, today the warmest out of the next seven. sorry about that. look for the numbers to slowly come down right on through wednesday. in the north bay, looking at a few sprinkles into friday. pretty nice though. >> this would be a great day to take part in the bay -- what did you call it?
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>> opening day. >> opening day, you, your yacht, me, a martini. frances can come too. the giants stole one from the padres last night. abc7 sports anchor mike shumann shows us the interesting role tim played. >> what a strange game between the giants add padres. a perfect game for five innings and add giants scored two. anthony bass on the hill for the padres a perfect game until bottom of the 6 until tim had this infield single. bottom of 7, 7-0 padres. alonzo pulled off the bag and then the replay shows maybe not. a double to deep left. 2-1 johnson. timmy with perhaps his best
5:22 am
outing going 8. the giants take it 2-1 your final. orioles feasting on it tyson ross. in comes adams jones, davis 3-4. wilson, double to left. adam jones scores but, can you getting that that at third. he's out of there. the only a's highlight. johnny gomes in the 6th. the a's go down 10-1. the raiders sat around two days waiting to make their first pick. they took utah's tony bergstrom and was introduced by the raiders yesterday. the 25-year-old spent two years after high school on a mission for the mormon church and is eager to suit up. >> you don't expect to be first
5:23 am
pick but it's an honor. i couldn't be more honored to come into this draft and have the only one first pick and have me be it. it's something -- it's unexpected and i mean honestly, quite an honor. >> we didn't panic, we went off the board and the best player available was the direction we went and we felt good about the guys we picked. >> the raiders addressed several needs taking miles better son in the fourth. klineer in the fifth and bill ukity in round 7. the 49ers had five picks yesterday adding to the offensive line and three on the defensive side of the ball. nine players from cal and stamford. marvin jones to the bengals. d.j. to the panthers. the nba playoffs couldn't have gotten off to a worse start
5:24 am
for the bills as chicago losing derrick rose for the rest of the season. rose dominant all game. knocking down the 3. bulls up 11. fourth quarter, game out of reach, rose lands awkwardly on the left foot and tears his acl. he's out for the rest of the season. big loss for the bulls who win game one 103-91. the massive and thunder, second left. dallas up 1 and durant over the double. the shooters touch. thunder up one and sean maryman pushes it up the floor. thunder steals game one 99-98. lebron james scores 32 in a 30-point win. richardson led th the magic.
5:25 am
kings on penalty kill. a shorthand goal and kings with the upset. 3-1 the final. i'll be back tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> next at 5:30a progress report on the demolition of doyle drive. facing a monday morning deadline to knock it down. deadly violence from fremont after a huge party breaks up. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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welcome back, everyone. in just a few hours a piece of san francisco history will be history. doyle drive, a main roadway on to the golden gate bridge is almost gone. this morning dozens of asphalt trucks will move in to start laying down the new roadway. crews have been working nonstop since 8:00 p.m. friday. here's animation of the new temporary roadway. tomorrow morning marin commuters entering the city will pass through the tunnel in crissy field and on to the paved roadway that replaces the old doyle drive. the work has been an attraction all week long. >> s astounding. this is history in the making. i'm wondering what it's going to look like when done. >> we're trying to figure out
5:29 am
which piece connects to what. >> contractors say they're on track to have all the work done and traffic moving by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. so, how do you get around all that traffic mess? frances is keeping an eye on traffic this weekend showing us how to navigate around the doyle drive closure. >> googood morning, it seems the marin county commuters have been well prepared for the closure. a 50% drop for traffic southbound and you can see it's very light right now. and it turns out yesterday, the bay bridge was the one that was more crowded in the afternoon. right now delay free to no trouble whether you go to the golden gate bridge or park presidio and the richmond san rafael bridge to the bay bridge. traffic flowing well on 580 and westbound 80 through berkeley. when you try to figure out which
5:30 am
route to take when you are commuting, abc7 news exclusive ways app is the best tool. for example we talked about the drivers stuck on marina boulevard, they could have seen traffic was a little slow on park presidio but moving well. lincoln boulevard a possible alternate. to downloadlet free app, go to and put it on your smartphone or iphone and hopefully it will save you time. >> i hope they listen to you. that ways is the way to go. >> uh-huh. >> all right. ferry services will be expanded today as the doyle drive demolition conditions. sergio continues our team coverage. >> final call. anybody else? >> because so many people took the ferry and lots of people
5:31 am
waited for the last run, operators had two boats ready and with double the amount of ferries, regular ferry riders felt the squeeze. >> was it more packed than usual? >> sure, no are bik more bike r. >> the giants game is sold out through the weekend. >> this is what traffic looked like coming over the golden gate bridge saturday afternoon. according to numbers from the highway and transportation district they saw a 50% drop in vehicle traffic and hope for the same through the rest of the weekend. for those who insisted on driving over the golden gate, one popular alternate route through crissy field got gummed up. >> i've been sitting here 10 minutes, looks like another 10, 15 minutes to get a block. >> it's just slow. bring a lot of patience and stuff. i knew this was going to be like this. >> the doyle drive alternate route recommended by caltrans is
5:32 am
through park presidio beautiful where christina plans to drive. >> i was going to take the 580 but the richmond bridge but i might risk of the golden gate bridge because it sounds reasonable. abc7 news will have updates on the progress of the construction project and detours until the work is finished. you can get a instant notice when the road reopens by twitter, facebook and text alert. and our exclusive ways app can help you navigate around it all. a chp officer drew his gun on a driver following a high-speed chase over the bay bridge after the driver pulled over at the fremont street exit in san francisco. if you look closely you might see a woman walking backward as the chp officer holds a gun on
5:33 am
her. another officer then handcuffs her. the police say it initially tried to pull her over for a carpool lane violation. >> a 32-year-old santa rosa man is in custody after crashing his car during a high-speed chase. josjose maias lost control and slammed in a drainage ditch. he was pulled from the wreckage by a police officer before his car burst into flames. he's suspected of violating a restraining order. overnight, a man is dead after a fremont house party turned violent. police found that victim bleeding near hyde park drive and yellowstone park drive. he was pronounced dead around 1:30 this morning. some at the party say he was stabbed. several people had been detained in connection with the incident
5:34 am
but no arresting have been made. many guests at the party appeared to be teenagers and say word of the party spread on facebook. there's a memorial at the site of a car crash in brentwood where a 14-year-old was killed. mourners are remembering ashley malone, to died when two vehicles collided. it happened near wal walnut and balfour streets. >> we heard a loud boom and saw a bunch of dust and debris and a car flying through the air. >> we had two cars with major damage, one on its side, one with damage in the front, and i requested a couple medical helicopters. we had a total of six patients. >> three people were stabbed during a fight in brentwood not far from the crash scene and an attempt to drive one of the stabbing victims to the hospital ended with the collision. oikos university in oakland
5:35 am
held the last in a series of weekend memorial concerts yesterday for the seven people gunned down at the school almost a month ago. ♪ [ music ] members of the university community organized the concerts. pictures of the victims are on display as part of a campus memorial in frontal of the school. a former student, 43-year-old one goh has been charged in the fatal shooting. a wake was held in oakland last night for one of the victims, doris whic who leaves hind her husband and three daughters. >> when john edwards trial continues tomorrow. it will be about the money they spent trying to cover the affair. a purported sex tape could come into evidence when the defense puts on its case. young testified he feared edwards would hire someone to
5:36 am
kill him if he didn't help cover up the scandal. bob woodruff has been covering this from the beginning. >> the opening week of the government's case against john edwards was by any standard a bad one for the prosecution. and drew young withered. >> the defense didn't just cross-examination and drew young they verbally assassinated him. >> young said he was in fear for his life when he and john edwards were alone on a deserted road and the affair scheme was unraveling. did you think john edwards would shoot you? not personally, young reflied. the lawyer pressed on. you thought there was a gunman in the woods that was going to come and shoot you? that did cross my mind. edwards defense worked to discredit young and got him to
5:37 am
admit he spent most of the money on himself for the construction of his family home, vacations and a disney cruise. of the $1.2 million they got, he can only account for 200,000 going directly to rielle hunter. young explaining i was just dismissed from the campaign and my family was under stress. lawyers questioned young about holding onto to a sex tape proving the edwards affair, the lawyer asking you told mr. edwards up a private videotape but the judge shut down the questioning immediately and said she would rule later on whether the tape could be discussed. the damage done is undeniable and now the government turns to young's wife, sherry, in hopes she and other witnesses can revive the prosecution's case.
5:38 am
thi >> this. >> welcome back. >> we've got a nice weekend and nice day today. lots of sunshine in case you're going to the giants game or getting your yacht out. we have fog at half moon bay. it should stay out of san francisco bay and warmer numbers inland but a cooler week ahead. next, abc's jimmy kimmel had the honor of leading the roast of president obama at the annual white house press corps dinner. we're share the laughs coming up. i'm really going to miss you.
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and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. >> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:41. this is a live look from our camera showing you the bay bridge. no issues there with construction. we're got the doyle drive stuff going on that is hampering traffic on the golden gate bridge, not at this time of the morning. thanks for joining us. it's the last sunday of the month. construction on presidio parkway began in 2009. this is time lapsed video of the project showing work that had taken place on the road before it was shut down this weekend. the new roadway is on the left. the new presidio parkway is expected to be completed in three years. lisa, did this impact your
5:42 am
coming in and out of the city? >> yes, of course it did. but i listened to frances and she helped me out because you know, it can be dicey on the weekends around that area and it was. today, lots going on. we've got another beautiful day ahead with a little bit of fog along our coast but most of the fog is around half moon bay and south from salinas and watsonville but we're looking at a nice afternoon in the city. sunrise 6:16 and temperatures are just a couple degrees warmer this morning than we saw yesterday with numbers in the mid 50s through the parts of the bay area, 50 where we have some of the lower stratus accumulating here. kind of hugging the bay there. 50 half moon bay, 51 in livermore. 49 in napa but even so, a couple degrees warmer there as well as redwood city, and san jose.
5:43 am
temperatures warmer than typical for this time of year. we have another similar day on tap with the fog though just patchy along the coast and a cool sea breeze through the afternoon. it will be a little bit warmer as you head away from the coast. but a cooler pattern develops into next week. actually as soon as tomorrow as the ridge weakens and a system heads in. water vapor imagery shows the dark area of high pressure keeping the storm track deflected to the north. it should be pretty nice with, again, winds kicking up later on in the afternoon. if you are spending any time at the coast, keep that in mind. so pretty typical pattern with warmer temperatures, in fact maybe three to five degrees warmer than today away from the bay. if you are headed into the city today, hopefully taking the
5:44 am
ferry, coming from the north bay, increasing sunshine through the day and temperatures climbing throughout the 60s at at&t park. should be a nice looking afternoon and we will look for more clear skies early before the fog moves back over the bay. temperatures climbing throw the 70s in the southern sierra with low 60s in lake tahoe. sacrament, 85. 76 in los angeles. 77 in santa clara and 75 on the peninsula. mountain view 76 and partial clearing and the sunset. 62 in the north bay, i sonoma 7. near east bay, low 70s for berkeley with oakland a couple degrees warmer. 75 in union city with eights from danville to walnut creek. concord 81. while you warm a little bit
5:45 am
further from the bay, you'll cool at the coast today and general cooling tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday. increasing clouds north bay thursday with a little bit of rain likely, maybe even slipping south of the golden gate into friday. then the models disagree on next weekend. either a big ridge for a warmup or maybe not. going the other direction. we'll have to fine tune that as we get closer. >> today looks fantastic. last night was the annual white house correspondent's dinner washington, d.c., a roast of the political establishment. jimmy kimmel was the featured comedian but president obama warmed up the crowd. >> my mother was born in kansas, my father was born in kenya, and i was born in hawaii. four years ago i was locked in a brutal primary battle with
5:46 am
hillary clinton. four years later, she won't stop drunk texting me from. >> remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. they say inside every american governor is a president struggling to get out. in chris christie's case it's the only one where you can still hear him screaming. americans are in terrible shape. you can tell by the way we protest. we used to march. now we occupy. congratulations to the occupy protesters, it took months and months of hackie sack but finally wall street isn't greedy anymore. congratulations. huggie iyou goy is here, the dom the artist. he can role over on command.
5:47 am
he's a democrat. where is sully sullenberger? i met him outside. would you mind driving lindsay lohan home? i talked to a guy who was a huge supporter of obama care and a guy who says it's a disaster that should be killed immediately. it was interesting because i never met mitt romney before. rick santorum is out. i guess it wasn't his year, rick's year was 1954. it's one thing to oppose gay marriage, it's another to do it in a sweater vest. >> proceeds from the dinner go towards scholarships for aspiring journalists and awards for distinction in the profession. up next, beer and wine right now is a critical time of year for wine producers and why this weekend was the last call for a san francisco brew pub.
5:48 am
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5:50 am
welcome back, everyone. it's 5:50 on this sunday morning, april 29th. this is a live look from our emeryville camera showing you the beautiful bay. it's going to be a lovely day today. lisa argent says climbing into the low 80s. somewhere, i don't know, i have to pay more attention to you next time to find out exactly where the high temperatures are going to be. but nice weather on tap for everyone. after 20 years of serving suds on san francisco's embarcadero the gordon dish brewery had it's final last call. the lease is up and the owner is going to raise the rent from $65,000 a month to 80,000. the brewer says it's too expensive to stay at that location. >> it's sad for the staff and for the city, since we're born
5:51 am
here in the bay area. so it's just sad. >> gordon beer shop rates 34 other restaurants and claims to be the largest brewery restaurant bottling brand in the world and hope to set up shop as a new bay front location. a critical time of year for the grapes ultimately picked, crushed and bottled into wine. last year's weather was tough on vineyard but jonathan bloom explains this year could be different for the grapes and the workers who pick them. >> a lot prettier fruits. >> sometimes being a reporter has its perks like tasting this cabernet straight out of the bottle but grape growers know it wasn't easy to come by. 2011 was a difficult growing season because of heavy rain and
5:52 am
unusually cool spring. >> we still made great wine, just less. >> demand for wine is on the rise. if you were looking for signs of a recovering economy, look no further than wine country. >> that's a sense for people that drink expensive wines that they feel richer when the stock market is up. >> the shortage won't last. >> it's rare that i have nothing bad to report. >> the annual news conference the napa valley grape are growers said la nina paved the way for this spring to be hot and sunny. >> for the springtime to be dry and warm means good pollination. >> that means more grapes. and that's all good for workers who harvest them. many farms rely on migrant workers but in napa valley, vineyards are tended by year-round employees. >> we're looking for more and more farm workers staying in the valley to work on the same farm
5:53 am
so they get to know the vine, the plant, and they are as familiar with those grapes and vines as we are. >> growers say it will help if a year like 2011 happens again. >> we never know what to expect but having a trained, knowledgeable crew helps tremendously. a film in theaters this weekend was shot in the bay area. is the five-year engagement engaging? dawn sha3q
5:54 am
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in theaters this weekend a newcombedy from the people to brought us bridesmaids and forgetting sarah marshal, the five-year engagement. and much of it was filled in the bay area. >> i love you. will you marry me? >> yes, they filmed it here and here's the golden gauge bridge. jason segal is a chef in a france restaurant. emily blunt is a university researcher. they met new year's eve and now they're preparing for the wedding. >> that's chris pratt stealing every scene but plans proceed until she gets accepted at the university of michigan. the seasons change a lot of times.
5:57 am
>> how's michigan? >> it's a fire hydrant. >> all in all, it's an adjustment. >> he gets ansi to open an restaurant in san francisco. they break up and there are laughs that tone down the raunch. it could be a little lifeless. they blow out the stops for the ending that plays up bay area scenes. >> i promise you i will love you every step of the way. >> i did feel pain in the film, hers, his and mine for sitting so long. yet i liked their chemistry and the supporter actors are hilarious. i found it funny, charming and thoughtful. here's what i'm going to do, almost .75 of a bucket because they filmed more than half of it in northern california. come on hollywood, rediscover the bay area. we'll see you on the aisle.
5:58 am
>> next, we'll update the progress tearing down doyle drive this weekend as the monday morning deadline looms
5:59 am
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